Ruger Weapons Store is a standard gun shop business established in Torrance – California, USA with the intention of selling firearms and ammunitions as well as security related accessories to our various clients. Our location is very strategic as we are close to several security agencies and also close to a prominent shooting range which will ensure that we generate our revenue and make profit in quick time and also grow and sustain our gun shop business.

We also intend to offer other services as well such as gun smithing for our clients, helping clients clean their guns for a fee as well as consultancy and training services. We will also direct our clients on where they can go to learn how to shoot their guns.

Our vision is to be the preferred gun shop business for individuals and agencies here in Torrance. We also intend to be recognized as an authority on guns and ammo here in Torrance – California which is why we intend to build a solid business structure that will allow us achieve our desired goals and objectives.

We intend to ensure that we source for and hire the right employees that are not only professional and competent but also identify with our goals and core principles and are committed to ensuring that they work to help us attain and achieve our intended goals and objectives.

We intend to ensure that our employees are well paid and have a great welfare package, which is the best across similar start-ups such as ours. We believe that ensuring that our employees are well paid is very important as this will boost their productivity.

We also have the best customer service available in the industry as we take our customers very seriously and intend to retain a very high percentage. We have trained customer service executives that ensure that all our customers’ complaints and inquiries are promptly attended to.

Finally, our owner Andies is an ex-law enforcement officer was in law enforcement for more than 30 years, and not only has the necessary experience needed to make the business a success but also has the qualifications and necessary network to ensure that we become the preferred gun shop here in San Francisco – California.